English Camp ~candid pictures~



I think English Camp is very fun and very important.
There are three major things I’ve learned.
First, trying to speak in English is very very important.
The teachers also said so. The ALT teachers understood it even if it is not perfect English.
And, if we don’t speak anyway, they can’t understand.
Second, teamwork is very important, too. There was something I could not understand when thinking myself alone.
At that time, my friends taught me how to do it. I felt once again that teamwork is important.
Third, understanding my level of English and trying to go over it is important too.
In this English Camp, I realized that challenging too difficult is not a challenge too easy, too.
In the debate, I think that we got a little even listening ability.
In introducing Japanese culture, we got an ability to teach in English.
In skit, we got an acting ability in English.
In this English Camp, I knew the pleasure of speaking in English,
This English Camp was very very fun for me.
I’ll never forget the words from ALT and I will continue to learn English.